Event : Pusat Jagaan Sinar Bistari Ceria Sport Day
Date : 17 Julai 2010
Location : Padang Basketball Tmn perumahan

A week before the date of sport day, I received a letter from Zahirul's Kinder told us that the school will organize a Sport Day.I'm much more nervous compared to Zahirul.. dia bukan faham pun.. its not to worry that he won't win in any games.. I much more concern whether he can understand instruction or not.. whether he will cry not to participate in.. Oh.. my oh my.. mak yg terlebih.. hoho.. padahal games dia yg biasa2 je utk 2-3 years kids category.. biasa la.. being a mom.. (erkk... ke aku je camni???)

That morning.. we went there.. So kelam kabut pagi tu.. both kiddos bangun lambat. sampai je ngam2 8.15am as in the schedule.. luckily its not started yet..

At first when his teacher bring him to participant area he just follow. later I heard a familiar voice crying among the kids crowd. Then I saw her teacher bring him back to the parent tent. alamak.. dia menangis la pulak.. nak duduk sebelah aku n hubby.. lepas pujuk2.. then I bring him back to her teacher.. stay there for a while.. then he is ok.. nampak la beberapa kid pun nangis gak.. maybe terkejut tetiba ada ramai crowd.. ramai gak parents especially mummy yg accompany their kids here..

ok.. let the picture do the talking...

* lil' hakimi

my 'big' baby has grown up..
how time flies...

look at his leg..
he is marching you know..

hands up..
baca ikrar sukan..

*majulah sukan utk kanak-kanak*
salah satu ayat dalam ikrar tu.. comel..

1st game: kutip gula2

dapat suku beg je.. he keep looking at all parents around him cheering for their kids..

2nd game: menabung duit.. masukkan duit siling kertas dalam tabung..
actually I assist him to take 50 cent rather than 10 cent coin.. aci tak?? others also did the same thing..

Price giving ceremony..
dapat balik beg ngan gula2 yang berjaya dikumpul, tabung, ngan some goody bag consist of food..

p.s: I also get the lucky draw.. BIG goody bag full with rations.

oh dear..
I'm so proud of you...

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