I've been tag by cik jijah montel... Its a looong time I'm not being 'tag'.. furthermore its also a quite a long time i'm not frequently writing here.. *sigh*.. what a works!! I should say its turn me up to a workaholic.. but at this moment, I'm quite happy sbb 1 big task alrady settle.. document have been sent to the senate office (by my friend).. so layan tag kejap ek.. release tension..

1. Where are you?

At my office room.. sitting inside here doing my personal work while listening to song.. Lucky.. OMG.. its outdated song list in my media player.. hahaha.. at the same time i'm thinking to take leave.. the other half ajak cuti ke Kelantan...

2. What do you do?

At this moment, I don't have any classes since the student was on holiday break. As I said before, I'm struggling with the curriculum review document.. Alhamdulillah.. Its done.. any amendment will not being entertain!! selamat dah sampai ke senate office.. at it a big release..

3. What is your blog name and why?

Errmm.. the name still same since i start blogging.. "Journals of our lurves".. Why?? this is the place i wrote down any moment happened in my life and also my family (other half.. chubby zahirul n lil' hakimi..). Its also place to express my feeling and ect..

4. When did you started blogging and why?

Actually I started blogging last 2 years back.. firstly, I use fotopages since a lot of my friends had left it due to boycott to Israel.. dah la susah nak upload picture.. so do I.. then I choose blogspot.. errmm.. here quite satisfied.. sbb cepat nak update.. upload n boleh auto-publish... why I'm blogging?? to record any happy.. sad & etc moment happened.. to express what I felt in writing.. but since I got 2 heroes in my life.. this blog have been quite abandon.. *sigh*.. poor blog had such an owner like me... hahaha..

5. Give the link when you were the happiest to blog.

this the first ever entry for this blog... Its about I'm presenting lil' hakimi to the blog world.. heheh.. story about the chubby zahirul was at the previous fotopages blog.. that one also i was happiest to blog..

6. Give the link when you were the saddest.

I was being tested by God at this time.. really sad at that moment.. Alhamdulillah.. Allah show a way to overcome that moment.. after that, I think I'm quite a tough person.. ceewaaahh.. pretty good.. yeahh.. God knows what best for us right???

7. Give the link when you were most in love.

errmmm.. I dont think i have any specifik link.. any thing related to my family was an expression of love even tho it was an anger.. love is not only about 'loving' someone.. if you r jealous.. its bcoz you love them.. if yr are angry.. still coz you love them.. and nagging also part of love.. *wink*

8. Give the link of the post that turn out to be very meaningful to you.

This is the only one post related to the other half.. furthermore at this time it is a quite a long time I didn't went out with my hubby.. almost 2 years.. just two of us.. since masa tu ada bibik.. so the kiddos was left at home.. syok.. coz I can have dinner n watching movie without the kids.. I think sometimes husband n wife need a private moment n enjoying outing without disturbance from the kids.. is not that you are left the kids behind.. this is a part of quality time management.. ;)

9. Tag some friends to know their answers.

sape nak tag?? errmmm.. no idea
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  1. cik jijah Says:

    reading ur answers.. i can see that ur family is everything for u.. :)

    thanx ila.. sebab rajin layan tag aku.. hahahah..