This morning
When I was driving at LDP to Puncak Alam
*punye jauh ofis.. can't wait to pindah umah

At toll plaza puchong near to USJ..
Due to only 1 toll with smartag available
look at the side mirror.. no car from behind
*pemandu berhemah.. ecehhhh..
I change lane to the right cash toll with TnG reader..

One Peugeot (Black)
Drove by lady (Cha Alif Nun Alif..)
over take me suddenly from the right
I pushed the break pedal..
She dare to honk me..
what the hell??
so reckless

she drove forward..
me.. took the cash lane..
suddenly I saw she over take 1 car at the smartag lane..
* dia potong queue
Shit.. where is her manners??

people is queuing from behind to take turn

look at car watch.. 7.50am..
If you are rushing to punch in at 8.00am
you better woke up early..
went out early..
as early as 6.00am
the road is yours..
and no need to speeding and driving reckless like that..

where is her driving manners..
* me.. geleng kepala
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5 Responses
  1. cik jijah Says:

    again the same type of people.. ignorants and snobs.. pehtu tadek species lain.. cha ya nun alif.. but again its the attitude la kan.. tak kira bangsa apa..

  2. TK Says:

    Mencinya org macam tu kan..Selfish! Dia igt dia sorang je kene cepat..
    You are right, have to leave early morning...

  3. .:nhalilah:. Says:

    jijah: iye la.. nape la yg aku selalu terjumpa bangsa tu.. tp if malay lady selalunya drive slow mcm siput kat lane paling kanan.. if org tua (really tua) pun camtu gaks.. enjoy the journey in the city.. diorg ni kdg2 tu tak tau nak react camne.. yg mana patut laju.. yg mana patut slow..

    TK: mmg.. if dah lambat.. buat je la cara lambat.. if nak cepat.. kuar awal.. takde la menysahkan org lain..

  4. umihoney Says:

    agree that road ethics ni tak kira la bangsa apa pun ..gender apa pun..if we dont have that,we will end up bad sooner or later.

  5. .:nhalilah:. Says:

    umihoney: betul tu...