I really hope that I will strong & tough.. really.. really hope that..

Hopefully Allah give me an easy way to solve all this.. moga segalanya dipermudahkan... really need somebady to talk to but not now....
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3 Responses
  1. ell_jay Says:

    ila.. whatever it is.. just hang in there.. insyaallah.. I am sure the almighty would never let you/us down.. and I am here you know.. if you ever need anything.. hopefully there is something I can do..:).. buzz me..

  2. Bibu Says:

    yes..we share the same now.tataw nak cakap camne..terbuku sgt dah ni..huhu

  3. .:nhalilah:. Says:

    liza: thanks.. if I cant' stand with it will call you..

    bibu: iye ker.. hope you also will be tough n strong too..