Me : Holiday.... annual leave... where are you?? please come to me.. I need you right now
AL : You have to take me if you want..
Me : How can I have you if my list of work is up to the maximun??
Holiday : You have to plan if you want me..
Me : when to plan??? the semester break will be end soon.. I have not enough time.. urghhh.
so stress when I couldn't help myself..

I think last night was so stress up.. insomnia.. i can't sleep.. I keep trying close my eyes and really hope I could fall asleep to the lala land but I can't and the worst thing is.. at the same time my brain keep thinking how I'm gonna do my work list.. what a nightmare!!!!

So? how?? should I just leave it and enjoy.. pampering myself.. and just ignore anything what I should be settled before the semester start?? can I?? Just like one of the staff.. really enjoy herself by doing nothing.. not only didn't help others pun and not even bother to ask others what are they busy doing... So stress kan?? kite susah2 buat keje.. dia senang2 goyang kaki.. then complaining when their performance appraisal marks was low.... urghhh!!

Luckily every Friday of this month we have public holiday.. but still I didn't go anywhere.. just last 2 weeks we went to water theme park.. last week I met my x-schoolmate.. really need a break... what to plan this coming Christmas holiday??? Week after that I have to go for a course at Dungun..

my mood lifter..
hakimi dah pandai minum sendiri..

my energy booster..
Halila.. cheer up!!!
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7 Responses
  1. comelnye tgk anak bujang tu minum.....kemain besar lagi cawan kenduri hah heheheeheh siap bawak bekal bubur hah....bagus camtu kan...terjamin sebab kite masak sendiri.....

    lieya pun ade lagi balance 9 ari cuti lagi ni ilah....rasenye 7 ari carry2wad.....lagi 2 ari amik kot hujung bulan 12 nie...rehat2 ....

  2. Us Says:

    wahhh..kimi da pandai minum sendiri...

  3. mimiey_omar Says:

    same with me...can't sleep either..kak,u need a break,g ar jalan2 krismas ni,keje mmg xkan habes punyer...hihi,happy holiday! ;) kimi and zahirul are soooo cute!!

  4. .:nhalilah:. Says:

    lieya: mmg.. skrg ni asik nak buat sendirik je.. cuti lagi 9 hari ek?? ila ada 12 hari lagik.. tp x sempat nak cuti.. huhu..

    eroy: hehe.. kimi now a big boy.. not a baby anymore.. errmm.. I hv a syndrome baby don't grow so fast.. haha.. if only i can't slow down the time...

    mimiey: tu la.. bila nak break pun x tau.. keje berlambak..

  5. cik jijah Says:

    errrkkk.. aku tak leh komen.. aku ni pulak mcm tak sbr nak naik sekolah.. nak melaram balik.. sebab dah bercuti lama sangat.. hehehehee..

    by the way.. bukan ko ajek yang ada that baby-dont-grow-fast syndrome.. aku yg childless lagi ni pun kalau tgk anak2 buah yang still so kecil and cute and tak bnyk kerenah lagi not to grow so fast.. nak2 aku jarang jumpa diorang..over pulak.. hehheee

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