wahhh.. tajuk saangggatt la skema nak ma*pos... ekeke..

aku.. yup I have done research.. during my posgrad... yup.. some research,it can be so simple.. especially those who done research for "syarat untuk mendapatkan sarjanamuda bla.. bla.." during their time underwent the bachelor degree program.. (padahal masa undergrad dulu buat research simple pun rasa susah nak mamposs je..) or it can be quiet hard especially those taking their PhD.. however.. it is experience and knowledge especially to those yang really in research area

If you are in the higher institution, it is a compalsory to involve and engage in research.. any kind of research.. its syarat for comformation as well as naik pangkat.. its really tough.. ngan teaching yang back to back.. and at the same time to have to find your own sweet time for research.. (tak masuk lagi keje2 merepek yang berkaitan ngan admin even tho you just an academician bukan administrator..)

for some staff (here).. what can I say is.. they (some) may not have a true concept of research and being a researcher.. is not I'm so super duper bagus.. but their concept is totally wrong.. (for my understanding la...) since to get confirm of your jawatan u need to do research as well as publication.. what the staff did is melobi dirinye untuk join bersama-sama org lain untuk buat research.. for me its ok to melobi diri.. what is not nice is.. that staff said.. "ko nak buat research sama-sama.. i can do the analysis part..but you have to put my name in..." dowhh... part buat research sama-sama it ok for me.. but since the staff mention about "you have to put my name in".. thats I cannot accept.. if you are really contribute in the research of coz other will put your name in.. it is an ethic as researcher... but if you just want to analyze only because you know spss.. might as well i go for statistician to analyze for me and i pay them.. even some statistician can help you in term of consultation for free maaa...

another things.. that staff also had told me that.. it easy to have a research publication.. 'ko suruh je undergrad student yang buat thesis tu.. to come out with a publication before they graduate.." for me.. its not ethics.. yes you can ask the student write a paper but that student have to be the 1st author.. not you.. even if you as a postgrad student... you will have a 'deal' with your supervisor who going to be 1st or 2nd or 3rd author in any published paper..

the moral is... don't so eager to get confirm or promoted and you jeopardize ethics as researcher.. if you are really contribute into that research other wont forget to put your name in.. establish your research area.. later people will recognize you and invite you in their team..

eh.. tetibe je entri agak skema.. hehe.. for those who are related.. those are not related.. it is a knowledge...

browers dalam hard disk jumpe ni pulak....

me and a few friends during my pstgrad day..
most of us borrowed that white-coat from the undergrad student for the purpose of photography session..

owhh.. i miss you all so muchhh..

from left: kak rini (she back for good at hospital serdang).. swee chai (owhh.. she is now super duper slimmer.. i'm so jealous...) mizhanim (miss u dear.. she away at cardiff for PhD).. Afzam (the only guy at postgrad room during that time.. he is now being HOD at IIUM).. Fadilah.. (having new baby girl..) oh.. its me... (now mama of two little monsterzzz..) dayah.. (she at the same office of mine..)

all looks really happy.. but not to forget the hard time during data collection.. analysis.. and write up.. its really pain.. but worth it..

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3 Responses

  1. mama_iris Says:

    one of my fren dia tgh amek master....banyak sgt assignment yg lecturer bagi...kdg2 dia rasa mcm "ada kene mengena ke assignment ni?"
    and ntah mcm mana kantoi one of the assignment adalah utk lecturer dia sambung phd.....hehehhehe......lawak la......bengkek je member tu...

    tp respect sgt kat org yg keje dlm bidang research ni....waahhh....x pecah ke kepala....serius kagummm

  2. Nana Says:

    ahhh pasal publications ni memang lah problematic. Not all are ethical. Nevertheless, you can use undergrad thesis for publications. Theres two way to go about it. 1) kalau thesis dia power and you do not have to reanalyze the data and rewrite most of the thesis then the student has to be the first author. 2) You have to re-do most of the thesis or if the thesis has merit and good contribution but the analysis is not good and so is the write up, then you can be the first author.

    Having said that, in both circumstance you HAVE to get the students permission to publish.

    Kat sini even as a PhD student, sometimes the supervisor yang dapat jadi the 1st author. EVEN when you did most of the research and the write up. It is the supervisor's right! gila tak?

    I buat kerja gila2 and he gets 1st author for the scale that I have developed!

    Its just the way things are done. Mana boleh student go above the teacher. Bila dah graduate the lain lah ceritanye.